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As in Japan there was no written language, in the Nara period (VII century), the Japanese borrowed from the Chinese hieroglyphic signs. It is quite natural that the characters used in the writings were associated with Buddhism, with the introduction of the new Chinese culture. Chinese and Japanese were quite different in their structure, thus the use of the characters in its pure form was not possible, and therefore there were Japanese alphabets - Hiragana, which originated in the form of simplified characters, and katakana, which was originally a part of certain characters.

Calligraphy is the beautiful art of writing Chinese characters with a brush and ink. It was born in China, and eventually came to Japan. But today it is impossible to say that there is no difference between Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. With its development Japanese calligraphy has become completely independent from Chinese. It has its own style, aesthetics, and even techniques.

For a long time in Japan the beautiful inscriptions were part of pictures representing nature. Most of these were not just a label. They were poems composed under the influence of mood of the landscape, which was depicted. After all, most of the known since ancient time Japanese artists were both poets. Or, conversely, were both poets and artists? Anyway, paintings and poems in Japan were indivisible. Thus, calligraphy is not just an inscription, it is a kind of poetry that can convey feelings, state of mind, an artist's impression...

You don’t need to speak Japanese to feel the strange poetic atmosphere created by calligraphic works. You can start learning calligraphy by yourself. It is known that art has no boundaries, language or time differences. And each of us can feel himself an unusual state of mind which comes from the flavor of Japanese dry ink when rubbed it before you start... And then you can feel the shake of brush in your hands and hear the rustle of her light touch and learn to rule over those soft whimsical patterns, which are created by a masterful ink on paper ... And finally, you feel yourself as creator of new worlds.

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