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The activities of the Ukrainian-Japan Center of NMU determine to carry out language courses, as well as to promote Japanese language in Ukraine.

The necessity to learn Japanese language rises from year to year because of the deepen of relationships between our countries. At present, teaching this language is carried out only in a few schools. The courses are intended for a wide range of people who are interested in Japan and have a need to master the Japanese language for professional purposes.

The training involves Japanese and local teachers. Japanese experts have developed the training program for:

• basic level;

the level for those who continue to learn the language;

medium-high level;

the highest level.


It is constant, however, we start to form groups every year from the 25th of August and during last two weeks of a calendar year in December. Enquiry about admission by phone: 469964, or 0679681826 (director of UJC Tatiana Yurjevna Vvedenskaya), 0961518960 (deputy director of UJC Irina Vladimirovna Nazaruk).


§ General background for education

Ukrainian-Japan Center’s courses are open for you if you are at least 18.

Courses costs and terms of payment

- After you apply you will learn where and when to pay for Japanese or other courses.

- Bank services concerning courses fees are payed by a student personally.

- If a student did not pay for the courses on time, he would loose his right to attend them.

Level change

If you decide that the course does not correspond to your level of knowledge, you are entitled to transfer in a two week period, having previously negotiated this question with the head of Ukrainian-Japan Center.

Education certificate

After finishing the courses, you will get the course completion certificate, if you have:

- visited not less than 70% of the lessons;

- finished the Japanese (or other) course successfully.

Successful finishing of the basic level course allows you to register for the higher level courses automatically (without testing).

Fee refund

Tuition fees can not be returned after the beginning of the courses.


There are no lessons during holidays. It is taken into account in your semester schedule, so that the number of your lessons does not change. If a lesson was not given by UJC fault, these hours will be worked off according to the agreement between the student and the head of UJC.

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